Knowledge BaseService Unavailable HTTP Error 503 2010 Sharepoint Cental Administrator
W P Staff asked 6 years ago

Hello, im getting this error when trying to open 2010 Sharepoint Central Administrator

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W P Staff answered 6 years ago

Here is the solution.
SharePoint Error: Service Unavailable: HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable in SharePoint  
If you are Running SharePoint in Windows 2003:

  • Go to Start >> All Programs >> Administrative Tools >> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  • Locate your App Pool account and right-click on it and select ‘Advanced Settings’.
  • Go to process model then Identity Click on the Identity >> Set and then give the user name, password and confirm password.

Hope this will work fine after that.

Here is the Microsoft KEDB:

If you are Running SharePoint in Windows 2008:

  • Go to IIS Manager (Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Manager)
  • Expand the server node, and Click on Application Pools
  • Locate the Application Pool of the SharePoint site, If it is stopped – Start it. If the password is changed, update the password:
    • Click on “Advanced Settings” Setting Application Pool Identity in IIS
    • and then click on … Button in Identity property
    • Set Application Pool Identity in IIS
    • Enter the User Name and password for the application Pool account.
    • Set Application Pool Account User Name password in IIS 

It could happen when the App pool’s Advanced Property: Enable 32-Bit Applications is set to “True”! It should be false.

Tail: Application Pool Starting and Stopping? or Application Pools stops after restart? Make sure your application pool account has “Log on as batch job” rights!. This error may occur when necessary services like World Wide Web Publishing service, SharePoint Timer Service is in  stopped state.