I’m writing to commend you on the outstanding work done in connection with our relocation. We had a complete network changeover that was seamless thanks to your exceptional service. The high-level of competence and long and exhausting hours you contributed to the project were key to achieving the relocation on time and with a functional office again. I would not hesitate to recommend aJax Tech services for any projects you may wish to undertake. Please feel free to have your prospective clients call me at any time.

Dave Proctor, President
aJax Technologies created a remarkably effective, secure and reliable computer network for our company. We have worked with aJax Tech on various projects and highly recommend them. I previously requested quotes from three different companies and they were the only one from which I received a call from a representative who took the time to explain how the service worked. They understand our needs which allow us to get back to the business at hand and not worry about the back-end development. They also help save us downtime by keeping us abreast of potential problems we may have. I never worry about my IT with them having my back.

Chris Norton
I would like to thank aJax Tech for their excellent service and responsiveness, even on short notice. We had a failure of a fairly complex drive array and they were able to walk us through every step of the process with a high-level of professionalism. They quickly assess the situation, think outside the box and rapidly provide the right solution. All the data was returned intact and we were able to successfully restore service to our user base. They are responsive and talented professionals that will significantly enhance your business operations. I would highly recommend aJax Tech for any Disaster Recovery or other service issues of any size or complexity.

Don Hingle, GP& E
We would like to put on record the excellent support provided by aJax Technologies services to our company. Speedy, prompt and efficient responses are paramount and they have provided this in a courteous and effective way to enable continuous use of our IT infrastructure especially when our domain infrastructure had crashed. The knowledge that your technical consultant possessed has given us the confidence that we can approach you at any point of time for any of our issues and you would not let us down. We look forward to this continued support.

Andi L., PT Research
I wanted to personally thank you for exceeding my expectations with handling of our data consolidation and migration project. I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge that your staff exhibited, zero downtime with which you were able to handle our project. The process was completely successful and in less time than anticipated. I also thank you for watching over our bottom line and performing on time and on budget. I am looking forward to the next project on our IT roadmap. Thank you!

Brandon Walker, CEO Direct SMI