Knowledge BaseHow do i import SSL renewed via IIS or 3rd party notification
W P Staff asked 6 years ago

I received a notification from GoDaddy that my certificate is up for a renewal and followed the renewal process. I received a renewed certificate that does not contact a private key, what do i do?

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W P Staff answered 6 years ago

To fix a certificate you can do the following:

  • Double click the certificate
  • Go to the Details Tab
  • Copy down the Serial number

Serialnumber You can copy the serial number from the area blurred out above. The serial number will be in a format like ‎00 a7 9b a1 a4 9d 91 63 57 d6 9f 26 b8 ee 79 b5 cb and you’ll need to strip out the spaces in order to use it in the next step. Next open up an Administrative command prompt and issue the following command: certutil -repairstore my 00a79ba1a49d916357d69f26b8ee79b5cb You should get a confirmation message that the repair worked. If you now go back to the certificate store you should now see the key icon show up on the certificate. Your certificate is fixed. Now go back into IIS Manager and refresh the list of certificates and if all goes well you should see all the certificates that showed in the cert store now:servercerts