Network Monitoring

Proactive Network Monitoring is a key part of the aJax Technologies’ strategy.

Managing networks while utilizing around-the-clock proactive monitoring strategy is one of the components that is essential to a well rounded support structure.

Allow us to make you a model example of business technology that aligns with your company’s business objective


An average network consists of:

  • Communication equipment such as routers, firewalls, switches, PBXs
  • Desktop workstations and notebooks
  • Network Nodes such as printers, scanners and all sorts of peripheral devices
  • Network Server and appliances
  • Business critical software such as databases, messaging applications, web and ftp sites

Our engineers posses comprehensive expertise and experience to address all issues whether it’s hardware or software related

Techabrist’s network monitoring strategy consists of:

  • Full time in-house staff who work around-the-clock to guarantee network’s up-time and make sure network is safe and secure
  • Procedures that invoke various levels of support professionals if escalation is required
  • Proactive monitoring and reporting among all levels of IT structure
  • Partnerships with world’s leading vendor support teams
  • Scheduled maintenance that includes routine disaster recovery testing

You can discuss your needs with us so we can fully develop a network monitoring plan by contacting us at at (212) 920-6120.