IT Support NYC

AJax Technologies On-Site and Remote support team is available around the clock  for clients that require support without incurring the costs of in-house IT department.

Our full-time engineers and technicians are  experienced and certified to support any technical infrastructure.
Whether its complex Cisco configurations or Desktop virus issue, we are here to address all of your concerns.

Remote Support

Please call (212) 920-6120 for a rates and schedules

If you require immediate or scheduled support you have a verity of options:

  • Telephone Helpdesk Support: Call (212) 920-6120 and our representatives will scope your issue and suggest a suitable response
  • Support Web Portal - Logon with your name and password and open a ticket at your convenience with your preferred urgency
  • On-Site Support - On-Site support is available when an issue requires physical presence or is requested by a client
  • Client Services Remote Support - Support by the our full time, highly trained Client Services representatives. AJax Technologies uses some of the most secure remote connection software and can lead you though any solution over the phone or resolve it independently.
  • Emergency and Off-Hours Support - AJax Technologies is dedicated to providing around the clock emergency support, please contact us for rates and schedules at  (212) 920-6120

We highly recommends signing up for one of our maintenance plans outlined in  Network Monitoring.